Supporting IT is more than just a techie skill. The best providers also understand the specific needs of your industry: how you use tech, the software programs specific to your industry, and the regulatory environment you face.

We specialize in managed tech services to the legal industry.

Do you have an IT service provider that understands the legal industry?

  1. What if your case records were lost today?
  2. Maybe you have backups, but how quickly could they be installed? In the meantime, would your partners be able to do their jobs effectively? The legal profession by its nature demands constant access to data. If you're trying to repair damage, you’re already too late. Managed Service Providers know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  3. A Managed service provider can cut your IT costs 30% to 50%
  4. Due diligence demands that you maintain sophisticated data retention and protection systems, and there is no way to do this cheaply. Lawyers often lack the expertise to manage these systems themselves, and small to midsize firms often lack the funds to keep a 24-hour support staff. A managed service provider conducts regular maintenance, preventative care, and disaster recovery services at a fraction of the cost of other options.

  5. We're watching you 24/7. But not in a creepy way.
  6. As a smaller legal firm, you can’t afford, and don’t need, a 24/7 onsite IT staff. But that doesn’t mean bad things only happen to your IT between 9-5 on weekdays. How are you monitoring your infrastructure, and handling off hour emergencies?

    For thoughts on how an MSP can fill the time and expertise gaps left by your IT staff, Contact us.